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STRENGTHENing your TEAM's SUCCESS by helping them adapt to stress, gain Mental agility, & feel stronger inside & out

Mentally fit teams have GRIT.

They persevere through times of change, focus on one another's strengths, and have strong emotional intelligence. 

Angie's keynotes and workshops will equip your team with strategies to build mental fitness. This means less conflict, increased productivity, healthier engagement, and better communication.

90 percent of top performing employees have high emotional intelligence.

Mental barriers are often the number one preventer of success, from bad habits to negative self-talk mental traps that hold teams back. This session will give you tools to help you and your team recognize and tear down perceived obstacles and embrace the growth mindset needed to maximize performance.

Your attendees will learn how to:

  • Overcome perceived obstacles that are holding you and your team back
  • Break free from self-limiting beliefs
  • Embrace a growth mindset
  • Maximize team performance

Mindset for Success

Leaders with a high EQ make better decisions, are more successful at work, enjoy better relationships, and are happier overall. Did you know EQ is actually more reliable than IQ when it comes to success in the workplace?

Through this keynote, your attendees will learn how to:

  • Navigate change
  • Communicate with clarity
  • Make confident decisions
  • Enhance personal and professional relationships
  • Know the difference between correction and criticism
  • How to give and receive well

Self Awareness Strength Training

Burnout is real. Teams need to learn how to maximize their energy, spending it on the right priorities. In doing so, they can save themselves from unnecessary stress that leads to burnout.

In this keynote, your attendees will learn to:

  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Maintain healthy, sustainable relationships (both personally and professionally)
  • Maximize your energy for peak performance
  • Move from burnout to resilience

Set Boundaries Avoid Burnout

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Angie is an awesome speaker, personable, engaging, and informative. I loved the stories, activities, and information. Emotional health is so relevant for our own lives and that trickles to the people we serve.


Loved this presentation! Lots of useful tips to bring home to clients and even my family. I appreciate the interaction, humor, and lightheartedness of this session. Thank you!


Loved this session! There are so many things I am going to implement.


Best presentation of the day! Angie was engaging, informative, and had a great sense of humor. 


This is my second session with Angie, she always gives valuable information with a lot of humor and fun!


Great reminders. Good ideas for dealing with people and staff.


Definitely recommend Angie to anyone who is looking for an expert on emotional intelligence.


Fantastic speaker! Content was easy to understand and applicable.


Angie Miller is terrific! I joined her Midlife Transformation Program after hearing her speak at an event, and it was an insightful, engaging, and enjoyable experience. Angie’s life coaching and stress reducing strategies and tips are enlightening and actionable. Her yoga sessions are invigorating and calming. I hope there are more opportunities to incorporate Angie’s expertise into my life in the future and I heartily recommend her!

Mindy Hecht-Kole


What a blessing to spend the day with Angie Miller at her highly acclaimed Women’s Retreat “Emotional Motion Transformation”! We learned so many great things about the mind and body! There’s so much to be said about practicing optimism, focusing on solutions, being flexible and practicing creative problem-solving, to name just a few! And, the day included two wonderful Yoga Classes to strengthen, stretch, and learn more about our bodies. Cannot thank you enough Angie for the dedication to your craft and expertise! I look forward to more events and classes.


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